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We are the Gauger Family.
My husband is a Auctioneer and We own G&G Auction Center over in Rushville, MO
We live in Easton, Kansas and my Daughter Laura and her family lives in Easton, Kansas to on the Gauger farm.
We Raising German Shepherd dog and French Bulldogs. Our dogs are raised in a clean climate controlled heat and
air conditioned environment. All of our puppies are raised in our home with their mother. The puppies are  kept nice
and clean and our Puppies are Vet Checked before leaving my home to go to their new homes, so they arrive happy
and healthy. Shots and de worming will be up to date on all puppies before leaving my home. Shipping is available
within the U.S. We love our puppies and you will too!

Sincerely, Ed & Helen Gauger
Gaugers New Kennel
My Daughter Laura and my Grandson Donald
My Grandson Donald
Next to my grandson Bella is our
pride and joy as she gets older
we are amazed how smart she is
she knows how to get her way
with us when it is time to eat
dinner and she wants some to
she will stomp her feet and
make grunt sound like a pig until
we give in and give her some
she does not really like to eat
dog food she just likes to eat
what we are eating since she is
supper small we do not know
how long she will live we let her
do what ever she wants.
French Bulldog Video YouTube
About Us Thank you for stopping by
That's my little Bella
and I Love Her!
Bella at three years old.
My one and only Grandson
We Love You
Hope you get feeling better soon!
Nashville Tennessee
by William Sherry Jr...explaining all
his favorite things..Get well Donald
Click here to here the song
Now You can get your dog color coat testing
it is easy and fast at Veterinary Genetics
Laboratory University of California, Davis
Phone 1-530-752-2211 or
My Little Bella
My Little Bella
Ed and Helen Gauger
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