We have been in Business for 27 Year
1991 to 2018
Ed & Helen Gauger
24826 Logan Rd
Easton, Kansas 66020


Over 50 % percent of our
Puppies is sold to repeat
customers or there friends
We would like to thank them.
Gaugers Little Bullies
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Owners of G&G Auction  where we sell Antiques, Farm Equipment, House hold items
and every thing else under the sun, And in our spare time We love raising puppies!

Thank you for your interest in our dogs.
Sincerely, Ed & Helen Gauger
and Laura Helton
Cell 913-370-0358 or 913-370-0706
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Top 100 most popular male and female dog names
Misty Blue
Here is a dog we used to own. We sold her
to Jill brown you will be seeing alot of
Misty Blue on hallmark cards.
Thanks Jill for the pictures we love them!
We Love Her!
That's My Bella
Laura Contract
Thank you Alyssa and Charlie for the cars and Gift card.
Ed & Helen Gauger
Thank you  Brittany Schram  from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for buying Ralphie and driving up here to pick
Ralphie up and Thanks for letting us use you for refrence and tell everyone in Texas we said Hi.

Ed and Helen Gauger
Easton, Kansas
(913) 370-0358
Breeders information
Here is our family pet now
Her name is Okie
Max A Million Gauger
He is one of the best blue
male out there and
yes we love him to!
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Stella says Happy
Independence Day
Tiny Gauger
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Blue French Bulldog
My Little Okie
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4 Easy-To-Make Pumpkin Recipes For Dogs
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Adult Bill off Sale
Adult Bill Of Sale Pet Only
Recall  Alert on
Dog Food and Treats
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French Bulldog Merle's
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Puppy Milk Recipe
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My Daughter Laura and my Grandson Donald
Ed Gauger and Laura Helton
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