Gaugers Little Bullies  Shipping

Shipping and Delivery is available on All Gaugers Little Bullies.

All of our puppies can be picked up in person or shipped by
United Airlines

Two ways you can get your puppy after you pay for it.  
1. You can come and pick your puppy up in person at
Gaugers Little Bullies.

Buyers are always Welcome to come and pick their puppy up in person.
Just give me a call so I can make arrangements to make sure I'm
home or off of work to meet with you.

If you have any questions or need more information on our shipping and
delivery policy. Please contact me anytime!  
Gaugers Little Bullies
Ed Gauger or Laura Helton
Cell Number 1-913-370-0358 or 1-913-370-0706
Home Number 1-913-367-1886
2. we can fly your puppy to your nearest airport.
( PetSafe offers airport-to-airport delivery for animals )
For $395.00 This cost is for the Health Certificate, Travel Crate and Flight to you
Here is some customers that came up to Gaugers Little Bullies and picked up there new puppy!
Terms of Sales

We base our pricing on the puppies temperament, conformation, pedigree, size, color and gender.

We Ship anywhere in the lower 48 states, weather permitting, for an additional charge of $395.00 (rate subject to change)
•Shipping fee includes
•New Crate to ship the puppy( if shipped by air only)
•Puppy airline ticket\ ground ticket
•Veterinarian exam
•Health certificate
•Gas and travel to and from the airport

Payment is preferred by PayPal or certified bank checks. If you would like to use a credit card, you may do so via PayPal but
will need to add 3% to cover the processing fee.


We require a deposit of $500.00 to hold a puppy. We will not mark a puppy sold without a deposit, no exceptions

Deposits are NOT refundable. If you change your mind, decide that you do not want the puppy, or find out that you cannot
have a puppy you will forfeit you deposit.

By placing this deposit, you agree and understand these terms. By placing a deposit on any puppy, you are making a legal
agreement to purchase that puppy.

On Gaugers Little Bullies Breeding Rights!

We sell all of our puppies for pet only with limited registration to get full breeding rights on any puppy we sell you must be
approved by us. We will need to know your vets name and phone number and if we agree to give you full breeding rights
there will be a fee added to the price of your puppy and the fee depends on what male sired the pups.

Ed Gauger
Welcome to Gaugers Little Bullies Terms of Sales
One Year Health Guarantee:
All of our puppies are guarantied to be in good health and free of communicable diseases when purchased. If a
licensed veterinarian finds the puppy to be in poor health within 48 hours after the buyer has taken possession, we
promise to refund the purchase price upon the return of the puppy. We are not responsible for any expenses you may
incur, and a refund will only be honored with a receipt of the report from a licensed veterinarian.

Your puppy is guaranteed to be free from congenital defects for one year from the date of birth. This does not include
Cherry Eye, Demidex, or any other skin condition or OFA. If you find that your puppy has congenital defects, you may
return it to us at your expense accompanied by a written statement from a licensed veterinarian, and we will send you a
new puppy from the next litter. We are not responsible for any of your veterinarian bills.

Your puppy is current on its vaccinations and worming. Please take the shot records we send you to your veterinarian.
It is important that you keep the vaccinations, worming, and boosters current.
We strongly recommend that your puppy be spayed or neutered if it is purchased as a pet.

It is your responsibility to take good care of your puppy and provide it with adequate food, water, shelter, and
veterinarian care.

It is understood at the time of this sale the puppy is not guaranteed for show or breeding quality. No size guarantee of this
puppy. The seller agrees to take back this Puppy for any reason, for the life of the dog, without refund.