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Gaugers Little Bullies
Here is some of our References
Feel free to call or text or email them.
Casper Gauger
Choline Gauger
Ask for Dr. Chris Hansen
He know us and our dogs
Big Thank You
To The Atchison Animal Clinic For taking real good care of our
beautiful Dog. They have a lot of experience and lots of new
equipment and they are getting ready to move into their brand
new building. Atchison Animal Clinic They have 5 Veterinary to
help you out. You can call them about our dogs and us for
reference and ask for Dr. Chris Hansen He know our dogs and
us very well.  Dr. Chris Hansen is the owner of the Atchison
Animal Clinic Phone: (913) 367-0427
908 Commercial Street
Atchison,KS 66002
Here is our veterinarians all 5 of them.
Dede get plenty of love by one of the vet tech at the Atchison Animal Clinic
Types of Animals Seen
Because a large number of veterinarians practice at Atchison Animal Clinic, we can care for many types of animals:
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pocket Pets, Birds, Cattle, Horses, Sheep and Goats, Llamas and Alpacas, and Pigs.
Atchison Animal Clinic
We love delivering live calves, don’t you? If your cow or heifer isn’t progressing
normally and you aren’t sure what to do next—give us a call. We are happy to help.
Also, we recommend everyone to stock up colostrum and electrolytes to be ready
to give those babies a boost if they need it. #saveallthecalves
#livecalvesareourfavorite #diaque #lifelinecolostrum #aaccares
(913) 367-0427
Atchison Animal Clinic
January 29 at 11:08 AM ·
Case of the Day: This little lady came in with a painful limp today. Dr. Hansen
put her in the tilt table chute and was able to quickly and safely diagnose
that she had inadvertently gotten a walnut lodged between her toes. She is
now on the road to a quick recovery! #footwork #thatsnuts #aac