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Stormi Zacharias
Wonderful people to do business with! Quality dogs at fair prices. Highly Recomend!
Shawna Zacharias
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
Great people! They treat their puppies like family.
Deedra Record-Perez
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
February 9, 2018 ·
We got our frenchie Winston from Gauger’s little bullies, our daughter got her two frenchies from them also.
They were awesome to work with. Quality dogs with the best personalities.
Jean Rash
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
I brought my little Mason home Dec. 2018 . The Gaugers are great people to get a healthy and precious puppy
from. I would recommend them to anyone.
Cameo Robinson
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies — 5 star June 13, 2018 ·
We received a puppy from them and just love her! She is spunky but oh so sweet! They were wonderful people
to work with.
Sandy Waggoner
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies. January 22 ·
Very nice people , and great dogs.
Sarah Wells
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies — 5 star
September 14, 2017 ·

Absolutely love these people! Super laid back and zero pressure. We bought a Frenchie from them back in
February. Stella is the most chill Frenchie we have ever met!
Lesley Honey
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies. October 9, 2018 ·
We were so very lucky to come across these great people..we got Annie from them about 3 years ago. she came
as an adult dog..so very sweet and smart..
Jacey Miner
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
August 15, 2017 ·
They are great to work with our little girl is perfect! They really care about their pups and it shows!
Kimberly Gore-Thomas
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.

Sweet family that takes pride in raising the finest little French Bulldogs. All the puppies are well loved and SPOILED!!!
Kelli Hughes
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
January 7, 2018 ·

Great people great dogs, bought a Frenchie from them and he is a great little guy!
Kay Wynne
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies

Ed and family have been so helpful with the choice of which puppy, to choose, to answering my many questions.
I give you praise in how you handle the whole situation.
Chris Vautour
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
April 6, 2018 ·

Our Jax has been nothing short of an amazing dog! They take great care of their animals and provide people with
happy healthy pets.
Michelle Turner
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
October 18 at 10:34 PM ·
We added Dita to our family about a year ago, and it's been the best decision we could have made! Ed was helpful,
informative and extremely loving and attentive to his dogs. You can tell he treats them like family until they find
their forever homes. Thank you, Ed! We love our little girl, Dita, so much!! We will definitely be back when we're
ready to add another to our family!
TJ Kiblen
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
October 23, 2016 ·
We have two and will never not get our frenchies from the Gaugers's!
Aaron Knodel
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
Such and awesome family and such beautiful healthy dogs. Wish we had enough money I would have gotten a few
of them.. we’ll be back for sure. Thank you so very much for are Stella girl
James Clements
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
February 19, 2015 ·

Bought my pup Mazzy a few months back shes a great pup! Guagers couldn't have been any nicer or helpful
throughout the whole process.
Kathy Zimmerman Mikkelson
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
February 28 ·

Great family who treat their puppies like family.
Allison Carnes
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
June 9, 2015 ·

They are amazing! I got my little cedric from them and he is amazing!
Carlos Lakers
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
February 26 ·
I got my German Shepherd from them about a year ago and I have nothing but positive feed back. They are
amazing people and they love their animals like family!!
Ashley Marie
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
August 16, 2015 ·

We love our 2 frenchies!! Happy and healthy! ! Trying to not get a 3rd.
Annalisa Snow
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
January 10 ·

Great people, raising wonderful, personality plus puppies!!
It's puppy love, for sure!
Savannah Dickinson
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
April 25, 2018 ·
Jeremy Smith
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
December 21, 2018 ·

very kind and respectful people! they are easy to deal with and they have the cutest frenchies!
Christine Pontius McCoole
recommends Gaugers Little Bullies.
August 11, 2018 ·

We love the Gauger puppies! Ed and Laura have been very helpful and we have used two of their males with our
female, Scout. The pups have all been healthy, with great confirmation and wonderful personalities!
Heather Coots
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
February 10, 2018 ·
Marisa Jones
reviewed Gaugers Little Bullies —5 star
March 12, 2018 ·
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Reviews from puppyfind In love with our French Bulldog

Gaugers Little Bullies is amazing! They care about their puppies and give them a great start. We adopted Toby, now named Grey. They replied
quickly to my questions, gave me a lot of information on pickup, and even messaged the next day wanting to know how he was doing. He is a
sweet little puppy that is smart, healthy, almost housebroken (yay!!). Thank you to you both ♡

Reviewer: Sarah, January 27, 2019 Beautiful puppy

I adopted the most beautiful and sound German Shepherd from Ed. I have bred and shown Shepherd's for years. I would highly recommend and
would buy from him again. Thank you, Shawna

shawna, June 11, 2015 Great Guy

We drove from Louisville,Ky to pick up our puppy from Ed we had searched for a couple of months before we found the right puppy and person
to buy from and we are so glad we found Ed very nice guy to talk to and our puppy is everything we could have asked for she is very healthy
we have taken her to our vet twice now and her puppy report card was A+ both times if you are looking for a puppy I would talk to Ed. thanks ED

Joseph, June 26, 2014 Excellent Breeder - I brought my puppy from them

I just wanted to say what an excellent breeder gaugerslittlebullies are. I brought a puppy from him and now my little dog is 1 years old on June
20th 2012. This dog up for sale is my bulldog's father. I've got plenty of comments from everyone in my neighborhood about how beautiful my
dog Sammy is. feel free to contact me if you need references.Donna Eng

Donna, June 21, 2012 Love My Puppy

I just purchased my little blue french bulldog puppy from Ed and Helen. I asked Ed several questions and he answered everything I wanted to
know and in result I have a beautiful healthy little boy. They are very good breeders. A ++++++ Rick

rick, June 20, 2012 Simply the BEST

My husband and I were warey of ordering off the internet.We ran into a couple of scammers but I called Ed about a couple of his puppies and
from that instant I knew he was the breeder for us. He was so great at getting back to me when I wanted to see pictures of the little bully I was
interested in. I'll admit I got a little crazy about wanting to see pictures of my little guy. My husband and I drove out from Colorado to Kansas to
pick up our "baby" When we got there low and behold I fell in love with not only our little guy.but a little girl also. lets just say she picked me
too.Ed and his wife saw the instant love and let us get her too.so here we are going to get one little boy bully and end up with two and I
couldn't be happier. Thanks so much Ed and Helen you guys are some of the sweetest people I've met. Lisa,Bill and Murphy and Daisy *if you
are thinking of picking up a precious bully from them and need some refrences please feel free to email me

Lisa, July 6, 2011 ***Best Frenchies You Will Find Anywhere*** (:

I bought a beautiful loving healthy puppy from Ed and Helen a few days ago. She arrived in excellent condition. I feel so lucky to have found
such a great honest breeder ! Ed & Helen was very informative and friendly. They kept in close contact with me the whole time and that was
very comforting ! I would definatly adopt another one from them without any hesitation. Im so in love with my sweet little Frenchie , she is
everything and then some !!! Thanks Ed & Helen for such a great puppy and a lifetime friend . Will

Will, December 9, 2010 I Love my little Frenchie

Thank you Ed and Helen for selling me this little cutie she is everything you said she was and more. I just adore her you and your wife are
very nice people i would recommend anyone to buy from this seller. Linda

Linda, November 30, 2010 Excellent Breeder all the way

Thanks so much Ed. We love our new baby girl frenchie. She is everything we ever dreamed of. We appreciate you being so wonderful as
well. I would definetly buy from you again! Thanks again,Carolyn ps. If you ever decide to sell bella let me know I would love to have the
smallest french bulldog.

carolyn, November 30, 2010
Sunday November 10, 2019
Richard branson
Comments        5 stars excellent service
Sunday November 10, 2019
Brandi hunt
Puppy name, Maggie

Comments, I bought a bulldog in 2018, we love our bulldog Maggie,the sellers were very nice and professional and answ ered any questions that we had.
Nov 20, 2019
From, Craig

My wife and I adopted Trixie from Ed in early October. We are very happy with our latest addition. She was one of his a dult dogs and is our
little princess now. It was a 14 hour day of driving but worth it to meet Ed and see his dogs. Wish I could have taken one of the other adults
he had at the farm.