French Bulldog Female Bella  

We our going to keep this one !!!
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Just to let you all know about Bella we took her to the vet today
and she is doing fine she is 2.5 lbs now she is 10 weeks old
and loves to play and is real good about getting her way all the
ladies at the vet office still can not believe how small she is they
give her a lot of hugs and kisses. We have to keep Bella with us
away from her brothers and sisters because they are getting
bigger and Bella is so small we are afraid she might get hurt here
is some pictures of her at 10 weeks old.
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ans see Bella been silly
The smallest frenchie you will ever see !!
Bella lives in Atchison, Kansas
The smallest Frenchie you will ever see !!
Bella lives in Atchison, Kansas
Bella is 8 months old now and she weights about 8 pounds and very
small for her age.  She is very helpful playing with all the new
puppies we have and she teaching them how to go out side and
potty.  But she still lets them know  she is still the boss  and the baby
of the house.
That our Bella we love her!!
One Year Old
Bella Birthday Party
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Just to update you on Bella we had her 1 year old
birthday party and that was the first time we ever had a
party for a dog but to us Bella is more than just a dog she
is a part of our family . If you have a small French bulldog
we would love to hear from you we think Bella is the
smallest French Bulldog in the United States but we are
not for sure all the people and other breeders are amazed
how small she is and they asked us how did we get so
lucky getting Bella. I tell them at first we did not feel
lucky at the time that we had to feed Bella every two
hours around the clock Bella was not going to give up so
we was not going to give up on her so we kept all the
hard work up and after 3 weeks it got allot easier boy
wasn't I glad of that every day goes by Bella amazes us
she learned how to sit up just like a person all on her own
I will try to take a picture of her the next time she is
sitting up it is so cute.
Ed Gauger
That our Bella
Well Bella is over one year old and just as silly as can be she still loves her cheese
and lets all the other Frenches know she is the boss when we give her a treat and
the other Frenches a treat to Bella likes to wait until they eat theres up and then
she likes to torments them when  they Come to  get her treat from her she will lay
over it with her Body and hide it and then when they walk away she will let out a
little bark to get there attention and show them the treat and when they come to
get it she will hide it again with her Body she will do this several times until she
decides to take it under the couch and eat it why the other ones are looking under
the couch at her.
Red Girl had four beautiful puppies and she will only let Bella get close to them
Bella loves to watch the little puppies nurse on there momma one time red girl got
up to go outside to potty one of her babies was out on the floor by its self and
yelping Bella came running in to us barking and caring on we never saw her do
this before she wanted us to follow her so we went to see what she wanted it was
one of red girls puppies out on the floor we put the puppy back with the other
ones and Bella sit and watched them until there momma came back in Bella is
starting to be real good helping us watch  the puppies.
Bella got her booster shot and at the Atchison Animal Clinic
two hours after that she was
Having some trouble walking so we took her back to the Atchison animal clinic on
Monday she saw Peggy one of the vets Peggy give her a check up and
recommended to take some x rays why we was waiting for the xrays everyone was
playing with Bella she was the center of attention about 20 minutes went by and the
xray was ready Peggy said it was not good news Bella had two of her vertebra's was
out of place and it is damaging Peggy said she new a vet in Meridel that worked on
animals that are crippled or going to be crippled  his name was Jeff van patten yes he
is chucks brother we took Bella Wednesday to see him he looked at the xray and told
us he could do electrical acupuncture on her so he did that on Bella he said it could
do some good or it might not work at all and Bella will  be paralyzed from her waist
down eventually and we should buy her a wheel chair for dogs so when we got home
we got on the Internet  and ordered her one from and she will
have it Monday a big thank you to Kelley for helping us out with the order and making
sure that Bella has the right one.
Bella is still very active she just drags her little feet behind her and still played with her
toys we will be glad to get her wheelchair because there will be no stopping her then.
We did not think the acupuncture  worked to good on Bella we pad $100.00 for
nothing.  So we are going to call and talk to Peggy to see if something else could be
done to keep her from going paralyzed. Peggy said keep taking her to Jeff he can
help her out I told Peggy that Jeff charged 100.00 and it did not do any good on Bella
We did not like the treatment he did on Bella or the
grumpy staff. We decide to take
her to Manhattan Kansas to find out Bella options and what can be done and boy wa
sent we glad we did that we found out al;lot about Bella. I still believe the shot had alot
to do with it.bella only gets her shot in her hip not in her neck by her spinal cord. And
yes we are very picky what vet Bella see Bella now.

Ed Gauger
Update on Bella 10-31-2011
Well it is Halloween and we are getting Bella ready to go out trick or treating with our
grandson as you can see she is up walking pretty good we decided we are not going to
give her no more shots the medicine is just to strong for a small dog like her we
weighted her today with her outfit on and she weights 7 lbs and 2 oz we are going to
keep her weight around 7 to 9 lbs because of her sizes and bone structure Bella will be
two years old this December and yes we are planning a big Birthday party for her you
can see how easy it is to fall in love with French bulldogs they are so sweet.  We did not
plan on owning the smallest French bulldog it just happen that way and now having her
for almost two years we would not have it any other way.

Bella Big Trip to Manhattan Kansas
May 2, 2011
Well allot has happen since we took Bella to Manhattan Kansas on 5-02-2011 and saw all the doctors there we
had a big flood hit us in this area messed up everything for over three months but we got to spend allot of time
with Bella we tried to get her to use her doggy wheel chair but she did not like it she wanted to walk like she use
to so we worked with her every day got her to stand up on her back legs and they got stronger every day and
then Bella was able to start walking again boy wasn't we glad of that I still think it was the booster shot she got  
that caused all the trouble and the vet at Manhattan Kansas said that could happen. Bella is back being herself
she is having no trouble now getting around the house she is like speedy gondolas we take her to the farm to
visit her mom at my daughters place Mattie still remembers Bella as her baby and they play real good together.
Here is some pictures above of Manhattan Kansas where we took Bella and the pictures below is Bella with
Kaykay her half sister.
The small French Bulldog in the USA
Bella Gauger
Happy Thanksgiving 2011 to Bella
Bella have a lot to be thankful for she can walk again and
she is in good health
Here is a email I got on Bella Mon Nov 28, 2011

Hello I came across Bella online because we have a frenchie puppy which is extremely tiny as
well. He (Chibi) is now 14 weeks old and weighs a little over 5 pounds. How much did Bella weigh
at that age?
We love him to death but we are concerned because he is so much smaller than normal. His
brother was small as well but not as tiny as ours..

Ana Jimenez

Hi, Ana

Thank you for your interest in Bella she is quite the girl that we love she weight 2oz at birth and  
3lbs and 3oz at 9 weeks old at 8 months old she weighted a little over 8lbs and when she turned
1 year old she got up to 9lbs boy we was glad of that but we was concerned about her size she
was still very small and our vet said she is to heavy for her size we need to watch her weight but
that is easy said but hard to do with Bella what ever Bella wants Bella gets we waited until Bella
was over a year old to give her a booster shot and when Bella got her booster shot she got the
full dose and everything went down hill after that it was like a nightmare Bella was partial
paralyzed we had several vets look at Bella they all said the best place to take her was to
Manhattan to the vet hospital so we dis and we found out alot about Bella she was born with a
spinal damage but the expert vet told us that Bella had no trouble walking before she got her
shot and he thought the shot could of caused the problem with her walking and he said surgery
was out of the question he told us take her back home and keep giving her the best care we
could that would be the best medicine for Bella and he would recommend no more shots in the
neck for her.  Be very care when you give your little fellow any shots. Bella will be two years old
next month and she weighs right at 8lbs she can walk real good.

We would love to see some pictures of your little fellow here is some pictures of Bella and her  
half sister Kaykay the white one.

Thanks, Ed Gauger
Bella turns two years old and love to show off.
Bella is now two years old now
and weights 8.2 lbs and she is
9 1/2 High and 11 inches long.
Just to give you a look how small
she is just take a look a the red
French Bulldog and that how big
Bella should be.
Thats my Bella and we love her !
God give us a special gift that is Bella and we will take real good care
of her and love her every day.
Long live Bella
Look at Bella she wants to be Santa Claus !
Bella is so cute with that outfit on and just look at
her sweet face.
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Christmas story about Bella
Blue Girl  get up Santa was hear Bella
said and Bella ran fast as she could
towards the presents
Blue Girl said wow Santa Clause did
come Bella what are you doing up
there on them presents said Blue Girl
Thank You Santa Clause for bringing
me all theses presents
said Bella.
Here is Santa Clause on the present
Hurry hurry Blue Girl !
and she heard Bella let out a yelp
Here is Santa Clause,  Come come
Blue Girl and see Santa Clause
here is one for you Blue Girl do you
want me to open it for you?
No I will open it myself said Blue Girl
and Blue Girl went behind the tree to
open her presents and to see what
she got.
Bella said Santa got me a Furry
Frenzies friends it was a white rabbit
just what I wanted
said Bella.
Blue Girl said I do not see Santa
Clause any where,  But Bella did.
The End
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From the Gauger's family to you and your family
Bella what are you doing? Bella replied I am looking for my
Christmas Presents Santa is suppose to bring me but all I see is
my old toys from last Christmas.But Bella it is only Christmas Eve
Santa Clause will not come untill you go to bed the next day you
will wake up and Santa will have you alot of presents under the
Christmas tree.Bella said are you sure? yes Bella you will have
alot of presents because you have been a good little girl.
Bella said ok Blue blue lets get to bed so Santa Clause can bring
our presents.
Bella and Blue Girl fell fast a sleep the next morning I heard alot
of noise it was Bella .
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University
101 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Here is Bella at three years old
Bella mom cam to visit her.
Bella blowing you a kiss.
Bella standing and walking on her own
with no help from us.
Bella telling you she love You.
Bella is a gift from the heaven
and we love her.
That's My Bella!
12-11-2009 to 3-25-2012
March 25th 2012 Bella went to Heaven
We sure do miss her