Toto Gauger French Bulldog Stud in Kansas

Toto Gauger is a long hair French bulldog. He has two copies of the long hair allele

and Toto tested  4 panel clear. As you and see he is a dynamite stud. Call or text for more information

913-370-0358 or 913-370-0706 Thanks, Ed Gauger







Toto Gauger-Black and Tan Fluffy 
Toto can make  Lilac, Cocoa, Blue, and Black and tan /tri color with the right girl!

No Pied, NO Brindle. 

Status: Coming Soon!
Registry: AKC 
Color: Black and Tan
DNA: n/n At/At n/n B/B n/co D/d EM/EM E/E n/n N/N
Health Tested: 4 Panel CLEAR 
Size: medium Standard
AKC Stud Fee: $5,000 or ( $2,500.00 with one puppy back we get second pick. )
Location: Easton Kansas
Phone: 913-370-0358

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