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For Sale Price $15,000.00 
Wooley Bully Gauger French Bulldog in Kansas
AKC Registered and Microchip
( We are still accepting stud service on him until we sell Wooley Bully )

We have two males in our house and it was ok when they was puppies but now they are a year old and not getting along like they used to so one we have to find a new home.

Wooley Bully Gauger is a long hair Fluffy French bulldog Date of birth 08/11/2020 and he is house dog. He has two copies of the long hair allele and he tested  4 panel clear. As you can see he is a dynamite stud.

Wooley is for Sale with full AKC Breeding Rights.

You can still buy semen until we sell him and I will let you know if his new owner will offer stud service on Wooley.

Call or text for more information 913-370-0358 

Thanks, Ed Gauger

French Bulldog Wooley Bully Fluffy Gauge

Here is Wooley Bully Gauger 

When he was a Puppy

Wooly_2020 (97).JPG
Wooly_2020 (82).JPG
Wooly_2020 (70).JPG
Wooly_2020 (87).JPG

Wooley Bully Gauger 

Status: is now available French Bulldog
Registered AKC 
Color: Black 
Health Tested: 4 Panel CLEAR 
Size: Standard
AKC Stud Fee: $5,000 
Location: Easton Kansas

He is Very muscular French Bulldog and he is AKC registered. We are offering stud service on him now. They do not come any nicer looking than Wooley Bully.  Were experienced French Bulldog breeders of over 30 years. Stud service Includes up to 3 AI's done by us at our Kennel. Or Fresh cooled semen is also available for overnight shipping. We offer shipping for an additional $275.00 and semen will arrive the next morning. We go to our vet for the collection and  preparation of the semen for shipping where they centrifuge it down to remove the prostatic fluid and add an extender. Our vet also checks the semen under a microscope and sends the motility report along with the collection to be sure you were sent a good sample.  Stud fee is $5,000.00 and if we AI your French Bulldog it is $75.00 for our breeding equipment and our service.

We accept cash only for local stud services and PayPal for shipping at your location. Please contact us as soon as your female comes in heat to make sure he is not already booked. Call 913-370-0358 or email/text anytime at
Thanks, Ed Gauger
French Bulldog stud service
Phone: 913-370-0358


Here is some of Wooley Bully puppies below

and we have a new litter on the way!

Resized_20210901_184652 (1).jpeg
Best-Breeder-Gaugers-little-bullies-Kansas-V2 20.18_edited.png
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